Saturday, December 29, 2012

Leather Bound Mandala Journals

Remember when I first talked about these? They are about to actually happen! All that's left to do now is pick out the perfect weighted paper and then the first 1500 circles (the 4-up die cutter is ready to go!) can be cut. I'm already working on the leather covers. Here are two I made this morning. For photographic purposes I just put a circular piece of paper with dyed edges in between the covers. They kinda look like ice cream sandwiches! The real journals will have paper flush with the edges of the leather.

This one is dyed with different colors of leather and then distressed using table salt.

I tooled this one today after not having tooled leather in a couple of years.

A round loose-leaf, circular journal appeals more to me now than ever. I frequently find myself cutting circles for clients to draw within. The more I draw on circles, the more I experience that undone, cut-off feeling when going back to rectangular paper. There is something about having a true center from which a drawing or words can radiate completely. These round edge are easy to stash and small enough to pack into a purse.

I haven't decided whether I'll bring back or I'll just list them on Etsy. A big factor in this is that I already have the branding iron that says I think a (literally) branded journal is pretty cool thing. I guess I could always hand sign them with my leather burner. Hmmm.


keenan88k said...

These are so cool - l want one!

Hannita said...

those are really special. i want one too. =)