Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The marbled elements have thankfully landed together

It was really something to experience them all together. Even the cats showed preferences.
I am thrilled to say my "family" of marbled spirits are staying together. My friends Brad and Carol acquired the first one right away---and after living awhile with it (while I painted the others), decided they would like to see all of them. Today they bought the other three. 

It's a lucky thing when you really like the people who are going to live around and guard and honor the spirit of your paintings. These two really understand how paintings grow and transcend my initial vision or even their own vision. 

I am grateful for the generosity of those who buy my work and love it. I will sleep well tonight.

Birth Into Blue stretched and revisited

I am having so much fun with the marbling process now that I "get it" more. Since I had this canvas rolled up in the studio I thought I would add to the top of it and see what happened. I was not expecting the marble to stick to the regular paint surfaces. I knew it would stick to the specially prepared body and cord. I do think the effect would be better had I started with the marble and then added the image on top. ...of course now I am imagining entire under-paintings of this stuff.

There is still a lot of the process that is completely out of my hands. For example, weather greatly affects what the colors will do. There's something so wonderful about letting go and being present with and accepting whatever happens. Art as mimesis, once again. *I'm just realizing (after searching my own blog) that I've never posted this image. I don't even know when I painted it. Maybe the sketch is dated in my book?

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Added some nautilus shapes on the end. They also ended up looking like owl eyes, something I know is lodged in my subconscious connection with my boy. I will find the photo of him that looks like this. For now, here's his drawing that is like a more concrete version of this one. (Of course he would choose to draw an owl. I think it's his spirit animal.)


Added center detail under the amethyst plus some darker gray.



The energy level in my studio is at an all time high.

Andria pointed out that even this schizoid fly was feeling it.

Friday, August 22, 2014

More Air and Earth

A few more lines will be added to curve up the base a bit more. I might also darken it so the sphere comes forward more.

Added black to the detail. Still deciding about the center stone on this one. Also think I'll green out my initials so they don't distract from the painting. (I used to not sign any of my paintings for this reason. Now they seem unfinished without my paint signature.

One thing I have realized while painting these elements is that each of the members of my immediate family are represented. Water came first, and it was a very natural outpouring since water is my element. I had no idea when I made it that I would want to do the other elements. When I realized the desire was there, I chose to start on Earth first. It wasn't supposed to be so green but that's how the color spread so I went with it. As I painted Earth I realized this is without doubt Mason's element---green has always been his favorite color. While painting Air I began to see Chloe all over it. The amethyst is there for her birth date.

I do have one more in the series---Fire---and I'm pretty excited about painting it. Of course this one is for Cody. It's going to have some pretty huge Marsian energy. I've always known it would have a gunmetal base but haven't known the shape yet. Mason gave me the idea to put dragons on it. The canvas is ready to go and tomorrow we'll have fire!

The ironic thing is that though they are so personal, I do not believe I will actually own any of these paintings. (First dibs are out there with the people who own Water.) Really, this is not a new thing. All of my paintings are personal. What used to be terrifying---parting with such personal space---has really become an awesome thing to watch. I am honored by who connects with them and where each of them land.

Anyhow, I'm quite sure these paintings take on their own meaning outside of my lens. As the person who owns Water said upon her first face to face encounter with it, "There are worlds within worlds...."

PS)If you're tired of seeing these spheres all over my blog since before Mother's Day, know you're not alone. I think I am ready to paint some human subjects again.

Friday, August 15, 2014

AIR Cont'd

The base on this one is going to be platinum or silver. It's going to be scrolly and feather or acanthus leaf-like.(Can't get the thing to photograph well. The top photo is too defined between the color differences. The middle is about as soft as it looks in person. The bottom one is obviously put through some crazy filter. Certain parts of it look more like the painting in person.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Floating paint in the hula-hoop
 Spent time double marbling the 3rd element today: Air.

After the black background on Earth I decided I wanted a darker background on this one, too...not so much. I painted a purple background, then a blue background. I'm going to gesso over both and start over with the background. It's why there's not even a photo of what does exist. Can't do it.

The detail is gorgeous. I'm pretty sure I'll have to do more with the acrylic interference colors. The interference colors don't hold a true marble...or maybe I added too much gall. These are brand new expensive, pigment heavy liquid acrylic paints I bought with the money from the sale of Three Graces.

So, maybe I will like acrylics after all. The chemicals from my oil days are wrecking havoc on my health. No more hands dipped in paint thinner...because I can hardly ever keep my hands out of the paint. I found something called "Retarder" that actually slows the dry time of acrylic to a more workable pace. It's still nothing like the weeks of wet oil possibilities...but it's also kinda cool I don't have to wait forever to paint the next layer/step. Now if I can just find something that allows me to blend like oils....
Mesmerizing! (That's the studio door window reflecting)

Freshly dipped and ready to wash
Iridescent Bliss!

Earth Cont'd

Tuesday, August 12, 2014