Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MIA Culpa

So, I've been Missing in Action on the blog recently. Aside from having major technology problems these days, I'm also super busy. The former will be remedied after I pay my tax bill. The latter...well, I'm not holding my breath. I'm trying to convince myself it's a good form of busy, but truthfully, I am not getting enough studio time. Studio comes before blogging, and many things/people come before studio.

Saturday was an amazing day here in Wichita. Conditions were perfect for marbling---which is an excellent thing, because I had planned on spending my day that way anyhow. I can't even explain the thrill of the process of marbling. And every time I turn over a fresh "print"---the wow factor just bowls me over. Here are just a few pics for now.

These are for a visual chakra tuning series I am creating for my office---my coworkers and our clients. More on that later---

I had a couple of helpers at the end of the day. We brought out the fluorescents and made some groovy papers!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Valentines

I'm calling the subject of my Valentine this year an Oceanic Astronaut. 

I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this brave and iconic being. The explorer wears a moon nimbus and carries a light through an oceanic (I definitely mean that in both senses of the word) sky/sea. The diving weight on the cover OA is a heart.

I suspect I will be doing more with this subject. Lots more. It's healing to me in some pretty "other" ways. (I'll give the clinical research-proven explanation in my next post.)
The sentiment is wide open for my Valentines to choose how they want to receive such a big message. What does it speak into your heart?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More gifts from the sea

My friend gave me two of her old rings for a face lift. She's the best kind of patron (and person) for her willingness to trust the process. She allowed me to work without a clock (she gave me the rings several months ago) and to work with whatever the metal wanted to do.

I cannot find a detailed photo of the denim lapis I set inside the first ring I worked with. (I stole the photo to the left off Sydney's facebook...and yes, that's a Valentine spoiler, too). When I look at the piece now, I see some very feminine lines (as O'Keefe would say, this is not a conscious decision)...and I like it all the more. Pairing those lines with a gentle, healing, expressive blue (again, not conscious) just makes so much sense. This piece is a disarming yet bold statement. Perfect for its wearer.

The second ring was "supposed" to have a bronze topper for a mixed metals look. After making a mold twice and firing the kiln a few times only to have the starfish crumble three times, I decided the starfish didn't want to be bronze.  I actually got very far with one of the bronze pieces---it was soldered and all---just tried to bend the metal one tiny way and it cracked. This, you can imagine, is very disappointing and feels like failure. I remember closing the door on the studio that day...months ago.

A few weeks ago I found and purchased a silver starfish (it's cheaper than using silver metal clay). On Sunday afternoon I turned to my scrap pile and found the base circle (*now on the ring) and discovered it matched pretty well with the starfish. I slightly domed both, soldered on the starfish and then soldered the ring to the base. It went as smoothly as it possibly could have, and just like that, it was done. This is a solid ring.

*The circular base for this ring was created on a Saturday back in the fall. Andria was over and the studio doors were open. I'd spent a lot of time making this base for another piece. I was trying to set another friend's sapphire on top of it. I burned through two baskets before deciding the setting just didn't look right together anyway. I remember telling Andria it would work out for some other piece---and I also think Andria would tell you I was totally annoyed and frustrated and disgusted with the amount of time I put toward all of it that day. The best laid plans of mice and men.... The metal will tell you what it wants to do. Trust the  process...trust the process...trust the process.

It was always supposed to be as we now see it.

Sure looks like failure....

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Port-iful Actions

Andria and Me (We had a blast!)
Cody in the door.
The WSU ceramics students made phallic shakers. (Guess who's body?)

Scottie and his girlfriend (Oksana, from Moscow)

Chris Gulick and Mark Walker performing Oh the Places You'll Go

Me and Isaac

Look at that shadow! We lit this piece with a flashlight in a mic stand.

Me and my girl

Abby and Chloe interact
My neighbor Kimmie took her selfie, along with several others who interacted with the piece.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

One more piece of Turquoise

For this piece I kept the silver around the stone simple and created a fine silver flourish (cast from an antique button) with a pearl (I brought it back from China in 2007) to top off the bail. Very pleased if I can say so. Satisfaction!

    Here they are all together, for scale:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Turquoise and Green Turquoise

It has been nice in Kansas this week! What do I do? I say yay for cross-ventilation and fire up the torches!

Today I paid for a private lesson with my cadillac torch. Barb Vogt graciously agreed to come over and teach me how to use it, change tips, check my gauges, etc. I've had the torch for four years now---and been scared of it ever since I filled the tanks. It's different than the torch I learned with so there's a definite learning curve. (I'm already learning by doing/behind the curve, and today alone I charred up one bezel and a thin sheet of silver figuring out how very hot my tiny flame actually is.)

But truly, in the past I have just been more concerned with blowing up my studio. Barb says, "It's easy!" Now I am quite confident it IS easy to operate and it's all going to work out, so that leaves me feeling hopeful. (There are days I think I should just cash in on the jewelry stuff...but that's when I go to painting...and when I think I should hang up my brush, I go to silver...so I guess I do need both options.)

Here's what I made today---from old and new silver, for my Aunt Korrene who owns the stones and gave me the silver. Yahoo!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Interactive Dream Art

This little white-out bunny came to me in a dream.

This little white-out bunny-in-the-shadows has so much to say, I'm not sure how to honor Bunny's story! I don't even know how to name it or what to call this art piece. 

I mean, I know what I would call Bunny. I know what Bunny means to me today. (Who can know what Bunny will mean to me tomorrow?)

This little white-out bunny is actually pure gold and quite massive. Whatever it is or becomes, it will be in its own walled off space in the gallery, encountering and healing beyond me.

The rotating top and interchangeable disks are rimmed with gold leaf. (Those who know my work will see the circle and the square all over this, too.) I lined the top and shelves with soft, white felt.

Chloe helped with the overall vision. Cody (and Dad) made my sketch come alive. Even down to the pass-through shelves. 

 The interchangeable disks (lit from one side only) in order:

The deep shadow-play on these things is intentional, mesmerizing and clarifies with each disk. You really must encounter it in movement, experientially.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Final Friday Port-iful Actions

Cody and Chloe have helped me make a sleeping dream I had a few weeks ago come true.
Please come interact with my dream, and let it speak to you, too!