Monday, December 31, 2012

Slate Creek Painting

Blocking in the letters.

 Kit (the owner of Slate Creek Spa) asked me to paint this painting several months ago. I was concerned she would rather have a "decal" look and tried to get out of the commission. Silly me, she (being the daughter of an artist) said she'd actually rather have the texture and character of a painting for her front desk logo sign. I gave her texture and character for sure. When she came to work and found it hanging on the wall today she was thrilled! I am thrilled that I was able to deliver what she was looking for with her new logo---and I even got to put my spin on it.

All White
Adding fiber paste for texture.
Green wash added.

Brown added for depth and age.
Finished painting 48X 24, Acrylic

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Anonymous said...

This project it very artistic and insightful; know how I know that? You put a bird on it! ;-)