Monday, February 4, 2013


2-1-13 MP
Here's the first mandala I've drawn on the new paper. I did this one during the lecture on the first day of EMDR training. I always worry my instructors or classmates will think I'm being rude, though it's actually pretty easy for me to trump that worry and just do what I know I need to do.

It's easy because I know that without paper and pencil I don't very well retain what I am being taught. Daydreaming is too easy for me. So my mindless sketching is a mindfulness thing. While my mind looks very busy with pattern and shading, my mind is actually more present and capable of processing.

ps)I didn't think EMDR could get any cooler. I'm just beginning to understand that my appreciation for it is only going to continue growing.

EDIT: I just added a few more stars and rotated the photo...looks quite different now.


Julie said...

Well, My Dear, you always studied better when the music and tv were blaring and you were on the telephone with a friend. I could not understand how you could have all that going on. Sorry I always tried to get you to get it quiet--just because that is how I always have had to have it when I study. I'm starting to get you...

Melanie-Pearl said...

Mama, You did the best you knew how to do. I still don't even get myself...let alone expect you to. Just love me. You do that well. Mel