Sunday, December 11, 2016

Glory! Love Like Frickin' Bazinga!

Since everything I attempted in the studio failed this weekend, I figured I'd drop some pretty goodness here. Well, I guess it didn't fail but it does mean I have to fire my kiln for the 3rd time...and each time I run it the process takes 12 hours. It's not very fun to open the kiln hoping for one thing only to discover nothing happened in the 1250 degree oven over 12 hours. Anyhow, here's the pretty, encouraging stuff:

My parting gift to Empac was this collage which incorporated most of the doodles I drew during meetings over my time there. I called it "Love Like Frickin' Bazinga" because of the few words I actually doodled on, those made the most sense.

And this poem. Wow. What more can I say? God knows I needed it when I "found" it. In true visual/kinesthetic fashion, I had to write it out to know it.

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