Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My first day at the new office

The space looks complete with art on the walls.
My first day was a typical day of 1sts. How to code my sessions for the office staff? How to record a 45 or 60 minute session? How to consult the TOVA test? Email? Schedule? I went to write a physician and I needed letterhead. I went to print said letter and I had to figure to which printer to print. I went to fax and I had to learn using a new machine. I met several new clients and saw one familiar face.

I even experienced a form of my grandmother yesterday---I went to print and I was offered the most heavenly pumpkin cake dessert. Joann offered it to me, told me about how the condo she in which she recently cooked only offered a broiler pan so she had to make-do, cut a generous slice, warmed it in the microwave and added whipped cream before I could even refuse. No kidding, it was like someone popped right off my genogram and fed me. I probably would have cried if she knew me better.

It is a little strange to get back on the long-term horse...no more meeting people and holding back lest there be any bonding...and yet it feels so right. Mondays are scheduled to be my longest day---from 9:30am to 8:30pm. Yesterday I came home, ate dinner, and even had the energy to go on a long walk. I think I'm going to love this next phase of life. It feels good to know why I am doing what I am doing---I've had to rule a few things out over the last five years. Today I experienced feeling settled, something for which I've been hoping now for several years. Today I am Psalm 40.

I set up my Psychology Today profile this morning. Will you read it, offer suggestions and tell me if I should consider changing something? Thanks!

I ordered a custom frame for this piece yesterday. I love how the frame brings out the warm tones. Now I just have to wait 2 weeks.


the Whitelaws said...

Glad to hear the happiness and contentment in this post. Proud of you!

Julie said...

Your office is looking great--can't wait to see it!

(On your resume you may want to change the spelling of "non-judgemental" to "non-judgmental". The first spelling is acceptable, but not preferred. I'm not sure you need the hyphen.)

Melanie-Pearl said...

Mom. I'm just now seeing this and I think the spelling error comment is hilarious considering the word I misspelled, ah-hem. I guess I asked you to proof it....