Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Music

Here's Jonathan Bates' newest REALLY RAD music video. Watch for the clipboard stunt and the parts where he dances with himself. I once drove to OK on a Thursday night (despite being really sick with strep) to see this guy in a tiny dive bar. I had no idea what the man behind the underground music looked like back then...but right when he sat down at the bar (he reeked the "it" factor) I told Cody, "That's him" (and I was right). He played to less than 25 of us but played like it was a full stadium. Anyhow I'm pretty sure he won't be playing small bars anymore:

Chloe found this video and knew I'd love it (Hello Marbling!):

Remember when I posted this video? Here's another one from Thom but this one is too freaky for even me to watch without going out of my skin. You gotta love interpretive dance:

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