Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exactly 3 Months Ago to the day...

...I was roughing it in Northeastern China. October 15, 2007 according to my photo files.

This beautiful squattie potty was just off of the main road. You can see that there's no doorway, three cement rectangles, and it is a unisex toilet. I never thought I'd be able to pee in conditions such as these. (Thanks to Cody I have proof.)

Now see the photo below? I took it in that same toilet. There was even beauty in that rough situation.

Disclosing the context of that first photo might be enough to ruin that last one---Nah, it only makes it more beautiful.


Minty said...


Just thought you should know that I've found something to smile about at 4:50 AM whilst listening to "Laminated Cat" and seeing one, adorable Melanie, pissing in Chinese hole.

It's just so... You're just so... Needed. Even from far away...

When are you going to get yourself to the Chi?


Anonymous said...

That's when I would find myself wishing for a skirt... nothing like a little camouflage! Although, at least there was some privacy. A friend of mine went on a missions trip to Peru. And women would just squat down in the middle of a conversation and do their business. Perhaps having a skirt really benefits those around you!!
Julie Ehler

Minty said...


Peru. Yikes.


Really? Just whiz and converse with no visual boundaries, huh? I suppose one would get used to it after a while... I have to tell you; I've been cursed with a nervous urethral sphincter! That could spell trouble for me in Peru!

I'm so into potty talk...


matches said...

porta potty new
porta potty old
porta potty made of brick
pretty by the road

porta potty hot
porta potty cold
porty potty aim strait
right down the hole

poor potted melanie
no ported news
just a poor porta potty
watch out shoes!

Hannita said...

Dude. You're awesome. So is Cody.

erindanielle said...

i love it.
i miss those bathrooms.
just for the record...the holes in kenya are much smaller!

and by the way, i love my birthday card. i just got it and it made me smile so much. you really have no idea. i love you lots and miss you more!