Sunday, June 25, 2017

Modern Venus Opening

I missed the opening; but then I wasn't ever completely sure I would go. So I was a tiny bit sad yesterday when I heard someone at the Finishing School talking about the great success of the Modern Venus show opening the night before. I am sure there were powerful connections made that night! (I taught Saturday---so I got to take some time with the 30ish fantastic show selections.) 

Turns out, I decided to go to bed instead of going out. I had no bone for being social left in my body after the full week I'd had. (Four of us went to see Ryan Adams at Red Rocks...that's another blog post yet to come.) Years ago I would not have missed it for multiple reasons, among them, my burgeoning ego as a closet artist starved for attention. Now, I hear my own voice saying, "Be gentle with yourself. What do you need to do to take good care of yourself?" Staying home was the right thing for me to do that night.

And the show went on and I'm so thrilled it opened to great success. I am honored to be showing next to several ladies whose work I know and admire. On Saturday I took a snapshot of the show's description (see below)---sadly, my phone/camera died before I captured all the artist names.

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