Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Blue Buddha Ramblings


Every once in a while I allow myself to entertain this hopeful fantasy in which Chloe and Mason are positively influenced by their surroundings---emotionally, spiritually, & physically; the latter including, more specifically, my own artwork.  Occasionally concrete proof of this emerges and I love it!

Chloe has just started watercolor class in her 2nd semester of her 2nd year at college. She sent me a photo of this unfinished Buddha image on the far left yesterday.  I was blown away by the power of a few strokes from her brush. My immediate thoughts were "OF COURSE she's amazing at watercolor!" and then "Holy cow it's Cody at peace!"

Chloe and I have an agreement that I will not post photos of her art without her permission...especially if it's unfinished art. Well, I do not have permission to put this photo here...but I don't think it will bother her too much---and I highly doubt she will even see it for years. By then I will have the power of "that was a long time ago" on my side. (I don't really believe in said power. It would be a very different story if I were putting this on Instagram.) Anyhow, I haven't shared this with her so she can work freely until its completion. I do wonder if she will see the semblance or if she is/was conscious of it's possible influence? 

Ya know that fantasy I mentioned? It also works the other way around, too...these kids influence us and our surroundings.


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Julie said...

Oh, my goodness. You are right!