Monday, February 25, 2013

Silk + Color + Water = My Heaven

When I was in third grade I was friends with a beautiful lady from India. For being the candle lighter in her wedding, she gave me this paper mache elephant which still sits in my china cabinet. (Mom, do you have a photo of me with Priscilla? ) Imagine how foreign the little elephant was to my Kansas-Mennonite eyes---so shiny and colorful---I knew it was a precious gift!

I remember likening her turquoise sari to my favorite calligraphy ink color which was named "Peacock". Though I didn't know what her saris were made from, I'm sure that's where my love affair with dyed silk began.

Fast forward to today: Each month I pour over every page of my Elle Decor magazine. Yes, even the ads are inspiring. ABC SILK carpets has been running this advertisement for a couple of months now. I love the color on the walls juxtaposed with the color on the floors, the aged appearance of the doors. The overall sense of adventure that the ad invokes was enough to send me to their website hoping to see more color. They did not disappoint. (Well, unless you consider that I'd have to sell my car to sink my toes into one of their rugs...that realization was disappointing but the free eye-candy makes up for it.)

Looking at the Aquasilk carpets is like staring into a colorful dream just beneath sunlit water. Imagine colorful prismatic gemstones and treasure reflecting sunlight in shallow moving water---or imagine a colorful painting submerged under blue water. Or maybe you should just go here and poke around to see what I mean. These carpets are made from recycled silk saris---and they are just beautiful!

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