Sunday, November 18, 2012

Carmina Burana

I saw Carmina Burana performed live for the second time today. The first time (nearly 20 years ago) I sat with my dad on the back row of the concert hall and we squinted to watch my mom sing in the chorus. Even at 18 years old, from the very back row, the power of this piece was undeniable. (Mom also performed the piece at Carnegie Hall later that year! What year was it Mom?)

This time I sat with mom (who had to keep from bursting forth in song)---and we were close enough to watch the faces of the 350+ musicians, soloists and conductor. Watching their close, responsive chemistry as they were feeling and expressing their united vision was pure bliss. The sum of their performance was so much greater than its parts---this powerful thing was quite the gift to experience live!

Velut Luna, 1994?. Graphite on watercolor paper,
drawn after the first time I saw (or had ever heard) Carmina Burana performed.
I remember placing each of the letters of my boyfriend's (future husband) name within the drawing.

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