Saturday, April 5, 2008

*thanks for the pickles

*do you think she'll ever let me stay again? i had a little party, was drunk by 10am (just kidding), ate pickles in her bed (i don't even eat pickles) and read the brothers K, used her fabu hair products (i really did this), drank chocolate milk from the jug (it still isn't even unsealed) and read a commentary on the brothers K (found the f*bomb in it...and she calls herself a pastor? :) ), and played dressup in her favorite hat and scarf. then i uploaded the photos on to her computer in a file called "right at home". i wonder when she'll find them?


Anonymous said...

You're so funny, Melanie... Pickles, booze and Brothers K... That sounds like an awesome f-ing time.

Wish I could've been there!


Jeanette said...


very clever use of time, i must say. (pickles in bed=my fav.) so glad to hear about the rest of your visit (nelson-atkins, etc.). my own "spontaneous barfing" has prevented me from corresponding sooner, but i feel this a.m. i am turning a corner. the brother's k you reference is not a commentary, but rather a brilliant novel by david james duncan ... i highly recommend (even despite its edgy langauge). i've always wanted to dialogue w/one who's read both duncan and dostoyevsky. so do keep me posted if you "go there" ...

you are welcome in my home (and can eat pickles in my bed) ANYTIME.

so glad for our reunion of sorts. i'm eager for next-time ... (so long as the sick-bug stays the heck-away!!!).

Melanie-Pearl said...

Minty meet Jeanette. Jeanette, meet Minty. There is a slight chance your paths have crossed in the past up there in Chi-town.

there's also a great chance you've both read both books.

J, sorry about the bug. the text i got from Jen said, "H & J have bitten the dust." no barfing here...yet!

Melanie-Pearl said...

Minty- wish you could have been there too!!!

Kim from Kansas said...

I like the one of you "getting drunk" the best. Did you play really loud music so her neighbors would complain?

Will come give you a hug when you are puke-free soon, but until then please stay away!